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In conjunction with “Ilit Azoulay: Regarding Silences” and marking 40 years of peace between Israel and Egypt, the Center presents a screening of Arab Movie (2015), followed by a Q&A with its director ­– cultural theorist and film critic Eyal Sagi Bizawi – on cultural relations and missed opportunities between the two countries. The main sources of inspiration for Arab Movie, which won Best Documentary at Docaviv in 2015, were Bizawi’s Egyptian-Jewish grandmothers. They represent a time in which Israel only had one, predominantly Arabic TV channel and Israelis of all backgrounds spent Friday afternoons watching bootlegged Egyptian movies. Although at the time Israel and Egypt were at war, they were connected by the same cultural icons.

The event will be held in Hebrew.

Eyal Sagi Bizawi

Arab Movie, 2015

Movie still

Screening | Arab Movie by Eyal Sagi Bizawi

April 1, 2019



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