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Please join us for a screening of “Leviathan,” a film cycle conceived and directed by Shezad Dawood. During the screening, visitors will have the unique opportunity to see all six episodes created so far one after the other and experience the six films, its characters – Ben, Yasmine, Arturo, Jamila, Ismael, Ding Ling & Senait, and location together as a continuum. This is a unique opportunity to grasp the Leviathan project in full bloom, considering that the films play a pivotal part within the project as a whole.


Shezad Dawood

“Leviathan Cycle,” Episodes 1-6

Video stills 

Courtesy of the artist and UBIK productions

Image by CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo

Screening | Leviathan by Shehzad Dawood: Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

November 11, 2021



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