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Please join us for a 3D screening of Real Estate Astrology (2015) by Maxime Rossi. The starting point of the film is the time spent by Max Ernst in Sedona, Arizona, in the 1940s, during which he created his work Capricorne (1948), which echoes the Zuni and Hopi Indian culture that fascinated the artist. Pursuing Max Ernst’s ‘marks’ in Sedona, Rossi explores the unique landscape of Arizona and the bewitching appearance of its stony desert which has profoundly influenced the surrealist artist. By looking for a Hopi ruin once inhabited by Ernst, Real Estate Astrology is a hallucinatory journey tinted by a surrealistic flavor in which astrology and mysticism seems to fill the paradoxes of history.

Duration: 21 mins

Admission: included in the entrance fee (20₪)

Maxime Rossi, Real Estate Astrology, 2015.

Film (3D anaglyph), color, sound, 21 minutes. Courtesy of the artist

Screening | Real Estate Astrology

June 3, 2023



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