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Please join us for a special tribute to the cult American sitcom from the 1980s, Small Wonder. The sitcom centers around a nuclear family and their attempt to keep secret the fact that one of the family’s children is, in fact, a robot created by the father, a robotics engineer. Passing as the family’s adopted daughter, Vicki, the child-robot, was one of the first representations of artificial intelligence on the small screen. The show helped expose girls to science fiction at a time in which computers and new technologies began entering people’s homes. Artist Ruth Patir, whose exhibition is currently on view at the Center, was among the girls who grew up watching the show and saw their reflection in it. During the event, Patir, together with animator Yonatan Wasserman, will discuss the show and other sources of influence that inform their film, My Father in the Cloud.

Duration: 60 mins

Admission: 20₪

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A still from Episode 3 of Season 1 of “Small Wonder” (1985-89). Courtesy of The Small Wonder Joint Venture and Metromedia Video Productions.

Screening | Small Wonder

October 13, 2022



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