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Please join us for a screening of Enrique Ramírez’s Una historia sin destino [A history without destiny]. Presented on the occasion of Ramírez’s solo exhibition, currently on view at the Center, the film is about the construction of a new state of affairs, the creation of an imaginary utopia, where land conquests ‘intermingle’ with each other through a narrative endowed with a certain conscious and organized anarchism. The images of Una historia sin Destino will allow us to travel to an apparently ‘just’ world, as the film makes us believe in the possibility of defining a new territory in a new reality where everything is possible.

The film is in Spanish, French and English with subtitles in English.

Duration: 55 mins

Admission: 10₪

For tickets click here

Enrique Ramírez

Una historia sin destino, 2018

Video still

Courtesy of the artist and Michel Rein, Paris / Brussels

Screening | Una historia sin destino by Enrique Ramírez

February 24, 2022



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