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CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo is pleased to co-host the 2022 edition of Diver Festival. Entitled “Enter the Pool,” this current festival follows two previous editions: “Mythos of Company” (2020), which was conceived as an exemplary tale of the survival of artists at the beginning of the pandemic; and “Rehearsing Ekklēsia” (2021), during which artists prepared themselves to re-meet the audience, after the lockdowns.

For this edition, the Festival is anchored in observation, as described by its founders: “The future and its possibilities continue to blur, the black and white spaces of the art world continue to feel awkward, the war cannons are thundering due to the fight over new and old energies, and the cognitive dissonance in relation to everything familiar to us becomes an ongoing current of emptiness and fear. We close our eyes: A pool appears in front of us. We seem to be standing on the edge of the pool, about to enter. We look forward to wading and playing with the nymphs.”

The Pool becomes a metaphorical space, a human reservoir and an artistic resource; an ideal space and a wish. It also represents the artistic community coming together, questioning the relationship between the institution, the artists and the audience and asking for a restoration of the essential pact between art and man. “Looking towards the horizon: a new ritual appears. Its practice is not yet clear to us. It raises questions and anxiety. But we also see before us artists recruiting themselves to the production of meaning and action - two arenas that the so-called art world can offer us human beings.”

This year, “Enter the Pool” will have two main channels. The first, “Be-Company Exhibition,” which, rather than a group show, is structured as a “trans-individual action against the neoliberal-related concept of separation. It offers convergence, complex signature and artistic kinship.” The second, “Musical Temple,” is a series of performances that seek to give voice and movement to the spirit of the time, through an immersive and musical gathering. Lastly, the festival will present events and performances of reading and speaking together, thereby calling for a new choreography of discourse.

“Enter the Pool” is the culmination of a unique collaboration between Diver and Tights: dance&thought, MoBY: Museums of Bat-Yam, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, and CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo.

“Enter the Pool” seeks to practice new rituals through the thoughts and actions of the following artists: Lia Amit, Or Ashkenazi, Maayan Cohen Marciano, Flora Deborah, Tomer Damsky and the Quantum Choir (Netanela Ohana, Tamar Balas, Ann Ben Yehuda, Aya Gavriel, Ron Dahan, Dana Chazan, Yaara Haim, Shoval Yaniv, Achinoam Mendelson, Lea Stora, Gilli Amar, Eran Tzamit and Ron Sheskin), Uri Duvdevani, Yotam Elal, Tamar Even-Chen, Ido Feder, Tamir Friedrich, Max Gertzen, Hila Gluskinos, Michal Helfman, Olivia Hild, Noa Itzhaki, Joanna Jones, Haviv Kaptzon, Oded Komemi, Tami Leibovits, Li Lorian, Omri Rosen, Sharon Reuveni, Faye Shapiro, Dudi Shaul, Omer Sheizaf, Kerem Shemi, Amit Tine, Haim Vitali Cohen, Yoav Weinfeld, Ana Wild.

“Enter the Pool” is directed by Ido Feder, with artistic guidance provided by Michal Helfman, Hila Cohen-Schneiderman, and Gilad Ratman. To see the full schedule of the Festival, click here. To see the portion of the Festival taking place at CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo, check our Events page.

The Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo – Art Division, and Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts. Special thanks to the Mandel Cultural Center, Tel Aviv-Yafo.

The presentation at CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo is supported by Thomas Rom.


Graphic identity by Amit Ayalon and Noee Zahavi

Enter the Pool – Diver Festival

July 9, 2022

June 24, 2022

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