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The question of how to make a choice through our body often provides occupation and content and in Anat Shamgar’s A Journey by Four, movement and sound are made as part of a dialogue between thought and matter. The piece is generated by the interest in creative mechanisms, outlines, and choices that stem from dialogues – from abstract to real ones – and rooted in what is essential and intentional. Aesthetics of measurement, balance, equality, wonder, reciprocity, presence, and freedom are guiding the appearance of sound and movement as a single form. A Journey by Four is based on bodies that are moving within a net that has been ‘woven’ between one another; it is an invitation to read the scores that have been built, one after the other, and to listen as a motive for action, as a way to refine the aim but also to give up, fetch, and let go. Anat Shamgar’s A Journey by Four is created in collaboration with Shamgar, Or Sinai (sound), with Or Ashkenazi and Ayelet Avidan (movement); it is produced by Sigal Dahan; light by Uri No'am; graphic design by Anat Peretz; and photography by Tamar Lam.

On this occasion, Anat will be joining the performance with a solo piece which is a part of the Mishor Stories trilogy created in collaboration with the musician Tom Soloveitchik.

A Journey by Four is supported by Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts.

Duration: 60 min

Admission: 50₪

To register for the performance on December 1 click here

To register for the performance on December 2 click here

Anat Shamgar

A Journey by Four, 2022

Image from rehearsal

Courtesy of the artist

Photo: Tamar Lam

Performance | A Journey by Four by Anat Shamgar

December 2, 2022

December 1, 2022

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