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To mark these turbulent times of social unrest in Israel and in solidarity with the ongoing wave of protests, CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo has partnered with artist Santiago Sierra (*1966, Madrid, where he lives and works) to create a new version in Hebrew of his widely-known work NO in the format of a protest sign.

Sierra’s works make use of minimal and simple means to shed light on ethical gray zones. Since 2009, the artist has been presenting this word – which is the same in many languages – in countless iterations, including as a large-scale sculpture traveling across the world on a cargo truck, as documented in the 2012 docu-film NO, Global Tour. At the Center’s invitation, Sierra translated the word to Hebrew and approved its open distribution for the purpose of protest.

A limited number of posters are available for purchase at the CCA for the price of 40₪ (printing cost).

You can download the file for free here to print at any size.

Protest sign | לא by Santiago Sierra

October 10, 2020

July 23, 2020 

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