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Hyperlinks: An Evening of Video After the Internet

Wednesday, June 3, 2015, 7pm

The CCA presents an evening introducing a young generation of artists who fall under the category of “Post-Internet” or “New Aesthetics,” two terms used heavily in contemporary art, but much derided and debated. The terms attempt to outline a state of mind and culture whose networked nature, commonly taken for granted, permeates daily behavior and aesthetic procedures. The screening will include works by artists who share an affinity for CGI (computer generated imagery), corporate branding, surveillance aesthetics, and experimental animation.

CCA Curator Chen Tamir and Curatorial Research Fellow Talia Heiman will present a brief overview of “Post-Internet” or “New Aesthetic” art, followed by not-to-be-missed video works by Cecile B. Evans, Boaz Levin & Adam Kaplan, Jon Rafman, Katie Torn, and Andrew Norman Wilson

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