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The Science and Technology of Image Regimes

The Science and Technology of Image Regimes August 24, 7:00pm

Join the CCA for an evening with scientist Dr. Daniel Margulies and research artist Katherine Chandler who will discuss how the realms of technology, the media, and politics intersect. They will look at the technology of creating and disseminating images and how they work within or against image “regimes” or socio-political meta-narratives.

Dr. Daniel Margulies, a leading neuroscientist from the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, will focus on how brain images are transformed from the scanner to political discourse. Brain images, and their surrounding technologies, are exemplary of the image regimes articulated in Exterritory’s work. Margulies will consider their epistemological status in the context of debates surrounding privacy and the individual.

American artist and researcher Katherine Chandler will discuss her series of photographs and short essay, “The Bee with the Electronic Brain: Cold War Drones in America,” about the failed efforts to build an unmanned aircraft during the Cold War and how that history lives on through visual documentation today.

Presentations will be followed by a discussion moderated by Dr. Roy Wagner.

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