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  • 31°50'12.8"N 35°32'47.0"E BY ELLA LITTWITZ

31°50'12.8"N 35°32'47.0"E BY ELLA LITTWITZ

7,000.00 ₪Price

Created by Ella Littwitz on the occasion of “High Degree of Certainty,” her solo exhibition at CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo in 2020, this edition consists of a bronze cast of one of the buoys constituting the national border between Israel and Jordan. The patina on the cast was created by evaporating water of the site – located on the Jordan River – where according to the New Testament Jesus was baptized by Saint John. This site was the main source of inspiration for her exhibition at the Center; furthermore, it also triggered the artist’s interest in the constant desire of mankind to create sovereign ideologies – and beliefs – through the act of drawing limits, borders and frontiers. 31°50'12.8"N 35°32'47.0"E – its title, engraved on its surface – are the coordinates of the original location of buoy, appropriated by the artist through delicate mediations with the authority in charge.

  • Bronze, 10 × 7 cm; edition of 25

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