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Artist Liora Kaplan is exhibiting three works as part of “Jonathan Monk: Exhibit Model Six – The Tel Aviv Version,” currently on view at the Center. Her artist talk will be focused on her previous works, her practice and modus operandi, her interest in materials and it will culminate in a detailed presentation of the stories behind Past is Present, Now and Never, and Simply Because It Changes (all 2019), which are currently on view on the first floor gallery of the Center. This artist talk is held in conjunction with “Jonathan Monk: Exhibit Model Six – The Tel Aviv Version” and it is part of a series which – inspired by Monk’s multifaceted practice – features meetings with the following figures in the field of art: the artist, the editor, the collector and the curator.

The event will be held in Hebrew.

Liora Kaplan

Past is Present, 2019; Simply Because It Changes, 2019; Now and Never, 2019

Mixed media, installation view at CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo

Courtesy of the artist

Photo: Shay Ben Efraim

Artist talk | Liora Kaplan

January 1, 2020



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