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ADISH is a Israeli-Palestinian fashion brand which seeks to merge the crafts and culture of the Middle East with contemporary silhouettes. Their clothes combine hand-sewn Palestinian embroidery working with a team of more than 50 Palestinian craftswomen and numerous workshops throughout Palestine and Israel. Their central vision is to empower, develop and connect between the different cultural groups of the region through collaborative efforts and the introduction of each culture’s traditional craft techniques into the global fashion industry. During the conversation moderated by Fashion Journalist Shachar Atwan, ADISH founders Amit Luzon and Qussay Abuaker will elaborate on their shared vision that led them to establish the brand, the technical and ideological difficulties of working in both Israel and Palestine and the techniques that are being used in the clothing production processes. This conversation is part of “Salons and Kitchenettes,” a series of events held in conjunction with “Jordan Nassar: The Sea Beneath Our Eyes,” currently on view at the Center.

The event will be held in English. In parallel to it, ADISH – which means “indifferent” in Hebrew and for which Jordan Nassar serves as Creative Director – will present a pop up store featuring various items that were made in workshops located in Israel and Palestine, such as dessert embroidery and Negev weaving made in Lakiya, (Israel) and “Tatreez For Peace” made in the Dheisheh refugee camp (Palestine).

ADISH’s 2018 campaign

Photo: Michal Halabin

Conversation | Amit Luzon and Qussay Abuaker on ADISH

November 5, 2019



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