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Please join us for a roundtable about traditional methods used in contemporary fashion with Sharon Tal, Samar Assaf, and Tamara Yovel-Jones, moderated by fashion journalist Shachar Atwan. During the discussion, the fashion designers will speak about the different uses of traditional crafts in contemporary fashion and the historical, economic, and ethical issues such traditional method revival brings up. Each one of the designers, representing different generations in the local fashion scene, will elaborate on her personal view regarding these methods and her sources of inspiration. This roundtable is part of “Salons and Kitchenettes,” a series of events held in conjunction with “Jordan Nassar: The Sea Beneath Our Eyes,” currently on view at the Center.

The event will be held in Hebrew.

Maskit’s founder Ruth Dayan and Miss Israel 1956, Sara Tal, with a Maskit tunic, in 1956

© National Photo Collection, Jerusalem

Photo: Hans Pinn

Roundtable | Traditional Methods in Contemporary Fashion

November 13, 2019



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