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Please join for a screening of Get Rid of Yourself (2003) by Bernadette Corporation. This complex, multi-layered work, called an “anti-documentary” by its authors, combines footage of rioting at the 2001 G-8 summit in Genoa with performances by Chloe Sevigny, Werner von Delmont and members of the Black Bloc anarchist group. These elements yield a disorienting and critical video that ultimately questions its own status and role as much as that of its subjects. BC writes that Get Rid of Yourself functions as “a cine-tract that aligns itself with nascent forms of political resistance within the anti-globalization movement... a filmed essay that works by betraying its own form.”

Duration: 64 mins

Admission: 20₪

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Bernadette Corporation

Get Rid of Yourself, 2003

DV 64:00 mins

Courtesy of Greene Naftali, New York

Screening | Get Rid of Yourself by Bernadette Corporation

July 14, 2022



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