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The Fund For Video Art is Awarding Grants for the Last Time

The Fund for Video Art and Experimental Cinema allows artists in Israel to produce ambitious projects and have them promoted through local and international channels. Grants from the Fund can boost careers and help artists achieve higher levels of production quality than might otherwise be possible. As a unique funding body in Israel, it lets Israeli artists compete in the international contemporary art and film arenas.

The Fund is administered by the CCA and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Unfortunately, this round will be its last as the Fund is being abolished by the Ministry of Culture and Sport as of next year.

The Fund awards grants in three catagories: 1. Works up to 30 minutes long 2. Works over 30 minutes long 3. Works in post-production or in process

Applications should be mailed by Tuesday, July 30 2013 at 4:00pm to: P.O Box: 29818. Tel Aviv, 61298

Applications must include an application form, project description, budget, C.V. and a DVD with at least two past works. Applications in the “post-production” category must also include a DVD of available footage and a description of the project’s current needs. Applications and support material will not be returned.

For moreinformation:

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